Guitar Hanger | DoorJamz Strumming into the Holidays with 8 Stocking Stuffers


So you’ve just gifted the music aficionado in your life a DoorJamz Guitar Hanger, why not continue the festive melody with these eight guitar-themed stocking stuffers?

From practical accessories to stylish additions, these gifts are tailored for those who appreciate the art of stringed instruments, especially when displayed proudly with a DoorJamz Guitar Hanger. Let’s dive into the harmony of holiday giving with these delightful guitar-themed treasures.

  1. Guitar Shaped Pin Puller:

    Keep your musician’s strings fresh & in tune with this guitar shaped pin puller. This compact and portable pin puller, shaped like a miniature guitar, is perfect for quick string changing on-the-go, ensuring every strum is pitch-perfect! Just like the DoorJamz guitar hanger, this pin puller key chain is portable for you to be able to take anywhere you travel!


  2. Personalized Guitar Pick:

    Add a touch of sentimentality to their playing with a Personalized Guitar Pick. Engrave their name, a special date, or a meaningful message on a custom pick for a unique and heartfelt addition to their musical arsenal. If you have a design you would like to create in bulk, we recommend D’Addario’s Custom Guitar Picks.

    guitar neck with red pick held between strings

    If you’re looking for something that is more sentimental and low cost, low quantity, we would recommend looking on amazon for custom guitar pick sellers. There are many!

  3. Guitar String Bracelet:

    Turn old guitar strings into a stylish accessory with a Guitar String Bracelet. This unique and eco-friendly piece of jewelry adds a fashionable twist to their ensemble, showcasing a love for both music and style. Retuned Guitar String Jewelry in Colorado hand makes and assortment of guitar string jewelry, including bracelets! Learn more here.


  4. Guitar Socks:

    Keep their feet warm and stylish with Guitar Socks. Choose a design featuring their favorite guitar or a classic acoustic silhouette to add a musical note to their everyday attire. You can either select an existing design likely to be found somewhere on amazon, OR, you can go completely custom, and upload a unique design to a website like Custom Sock Shop and get socks that are one of a kind!

  5. Vintage Music Wall Art:

    Elevate their living space with Vintage Music or Guitar themed Wall Art. Opt for a retro-inspired print or a minimalist design to complement the aesthetics of their DoorJamz Guitar Hanger, turning their room into a true haven for music lovers.


  6. Guitar Cleaning Kit:

    Help them keep their beloved instrument in top condition with a Guitar Cleaning Kit. This thoughtful stocking stuffer includes polish, cloth, and fretboard conditioner, ensuring their guitar stays pristine for years of melodious strumming. One of the top guitar maintenance kits is the Dunlop 6500 System 65 from Sweetwater.

  7. Guitar-Shaped USB Drive

    Combine technology and musical flair with a Guitar-Shaped USB Drive. Whether they use it for storing music, tabs, or recordings, this unique and practical gift will remind them of their passion for playing every time they use it. With a quick search on amazon, you can find yourself scrolling through a lot of cool options for guitar shaped USB drives!

  8. Guitar Chord Stamp:

    Inspire creativity with a Guitar Chord Stamp. This fun and functional stamp let them mark their favorite chords in music books or create personalized chord sheets, making practice sessions even more enjoyable. You can find the one pictured below here.

    guitar chord stamp


With the DoorJamz Guitar Hanger as the centerpiece, these eight guitar-themed stocking stuffers are sure to strike a chord with the music enthusiast in your life. Whether it’s practical accessories, stylish additions, or sentimental treasures, these gifts will complement the joy that comes with displaying a cherished guitar on the DoorJamz hanger. Wishing you and your musical friend or family member a harmonious holiday season filled with beautiful tunes and heartfelt gifts.

Best Gifts for Music Students | Top 6 Dorm Room Ideas


Looking for gifts for music students or your child who is a musician in college?

College is an exciting adventure, especially for music students eager to continue their artistic journey. When we start looking for gifts for music students or students who are musicians, it’s important to keep the size of the space in mind. A small apartment or dorm room can be limiting at times for musicians, but it also allows for creative to “get creative” in making their space unique! After all, this is not just a place to study and sleep; it’s a canvas for self-expression and creativity. Help your child or loved one transform their living space into a musical haven with these top 6 dorm room ideas that blend functionality with style and innovation!

  1. DoorJamz Guitar Hanger: Elevate Your Room Aesthetics

    Unlike most music stands for string instruments, the DoorJamz guitar hanger is a game-changer for music students living in tight quarters. This sleek and functional hanger allows your music student to proudly display their guitar on the back of a door, saving valuable floor space while adding a touch of artistic flair to the room. With its easy installation and sturdy design, their guitar becomes a decorative centerpiece when not in use.

    BUY NOW!

  2. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Headphones: Immerse Yourself in Sound

    For late-night jam sessions or private listening, invest in high-quality headphones like the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. Renowned for their exceptional sound quality and comfort, these headphones are perfect for musicians who want to delve into the intricacies of their favorite tunes without disturbing their roommates. Their music teachers will be happy they are getting in their practice as well!

  3. LED Light Strips (Philips Hue): Set the Mood

    Another great gift for music students would be something that helps to create a vibrant and inspiring atmosphere in their dorm room. One idea for changing up a small space is to install Philips Hue LED light strips. These smart lights can be customized to match a mood or the music someone is playing, turning any space into a dynamic and visually stimulating environment. Sync the lights with favorite songs for a sensory experience that enhances the musical journey. For music students, it’s likely they are using their living space as a studio as well, so having something like this can keep your space fresh and inviting!

  4. Yamaha PSR-E363 Portable Keyboard: Unleash Your Creativity

    Unlike a traditional piano, the Yamaha PSR-E363 is compact and versatile, making this one of the best gifts for music students and an ideal keyboard for college goers in small apartments or dorm living. With a wide range of voices, styles, and learning features, this portable keyboard allows anyone to explore different genres and improve their skills without taking up too much space. Its headphone jack ensures you can practice anytime without disturbing neighbors.

  5. Record Wall Display (IKEA LOMVIKEN Frame): Showcase Your Vinyl Collection

    Help your music student turn their dorm room into a mini record store by gifting them IKEA Lomviken frames to display their vinyl collection. As one of the best gifts for music students & lovers, this creative and budget-friendly idea not only keeps records organized, but also adds a retro and chic touch to your space. Mix and match album covers to create an eye-catching display that reflects your musical taste!

  6. Fender Play Online Guitar Lessons: Learn and Grow

    If you’re struggling to find the right gifts for your music student who plays guitar, you can also consider remote lessons! With Fender Play, an online platform offering guitar lessons for players of all levels, you can give the gift of learning to your child or loved one. Subscribing to Fender Play gives one access to expert tutorials, allowing them to improve their skills from the comfort of their small apartment or dorm room. The platform covers various genres, making it a valuable resource for music students with diverse tastes.

In conclusion, an apartment or dorm room is more than just a place to sleep—it’s an extension of an artist’s personality and passions. By incorporating these top 6 dorm room ideas into your search for the best gifts for music students, you can help create a space that not only accommodates a musical lifestyle but also inspires creativity and fosters a love for your student’s craft. Transform your dorm into a harmonious sanctuary where a love for music can truly flourish.

Considering gifting a Guitar Wall Hanger for Christmas?


10 Reasons to think about a DoorJamz Over-The-Door Guitar Hanger instead!

As the holiday season approaches, many of us are on the hunt for the perfect gifts to surprise our loved ones. If you have a guitar enthusiast in your life, you’re in luck! This year, instead of considering a guitar wall hanger as a thoughtful and practical gift, get them a DoorJamz Guitar Hanger instead! This gift will not only make their day, but also enhance their musical experience. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 10 ways a DoorJamz over the door hanger compares to a traditional guitar wall hanger, and why it is an excellent choice for this gifting season.

1. Display and Decor

For years, the guitar wall hanger has allowed musicians to proudly display their prized instruments as a work of art. Guitars are not just tools for creating music; they are also beautiful pieces of craftsmanship. A wall hanger turns the guitar into a decorative element in any room, making it a conversation starter for guests. The biggest down side to a guitar wall hanger is the holes it creates in the wall. When you consider a DoorJamz instead, you can experience all of the benefits of displaying your guitar, without the hassle of needing to patch & paint every time you want to rearrange your space.

2. Space-Saving Solution

Space can be a precious commodity in many homes and apartments, especially in places like New York. Guitar wall hangers save floor space and keep the guitar safely out of the way when not in use. This is especially valuable for smaller living spaces, making room for other furniture or activities. The reason we like the DoorJamz better as a Space-Saving Solution is because often times,

3. Quick and Easy Access

No more struggling with guitar cases or digging through closets to find the instrument. With a wall hanger, the guitar is always within arm’s reach, making it more likely that your loved one will pick it up and play more often. If you have a DoorJamz, it’s even MORE likely to pick up your guitar more often.

4. Protect Your Investment

Guitars are valuable, both sentimentally and monetarily. A wall hanger ensures that the guitar is securely mounted, reducing the risk of accidental damage from being bumped, knocked over, or leaned against something. This is a crucial benefit for expensive or vintage guitars. The only down side to wall hangers is the chance of them not being securely mounted. With a DoorJamz over the door guitar hanger, the installation is SO much easier, and safer since the hanger is made of heavy gauge steel which is stronger than drywall.

5. Inspire Creativity

Having a guitar on display can serve as a constant source of inspiration. Your loved one will be more inclined to practice and create music when they see their instrument daily. It’s an excellent way to support their passion and creativity. When you have a DoorJamz instead of a wall hanger for your guitar, you are more likely to play your guitar because we use our door every day!

6. Showcase Multiple Guitars

For those with a collection of guitars, wall hangers allow them to showcase their entire collection. It’s like having their personal guitar gallery right at home. Different guitars can be rotated and displayed according to their mood and musical needs. Wit DoorJamz, you can fit multiple guitars over the same door to keep multiple guitars from your collection out all the time!

7. A Unique Gift

While Guitar wall hangers can be found anywhere, DoorJamz guitar hanger holds a utility patent, so it truly is ONE OF A KIND! Your loved ones won’t be disappointed when they receive this thoughtful gift!

8. Easy Installation

Most guitar wall hangers require a few steps to install, often requiring a few screws and tools. Not all guitar owners may have everything they need in order to install a wall hanger right away. When you install the DoorJamz guitar hanger, NO TOOLS are required! This makes it the perfect gift for everyone!!

9. Durability

While many guitar wall hangers can only be used once before needing a new set of drywall anchors, the DoorJamz Guitar Hanger has a Lifetime Guarantee! It doesn’t require any drilling, so the hanger can be used as many times as you can move it!

10. A Gift for a Lifetime

LifeJamz Guarantee: If, for whatever reason, your DoorJamz product has worn improperly or becomes damaged as a result of normal wear and tear, send it back and we will replace it. Can you say that to be true about any standard guitar wall hangers?

In conclusion, this Christmas & gifting season, consider a DoorJamz guitar hanger as a unique and thoughtful gift for the guitar enthusiast in your life. It’s a practical way to enhance their guitar-playing experience while adding a touch of elegance to their living space. Show your support for their passion and creativity with a gift that will be cherished for years to come.


Electric Guitar Starter Kit | Best Guide to Gifting a Guitar


Are you considering gifting someone their first guitar for Christmas, their birthday, or another holiday? If so, you’ve embarked on a journey that could spark a lifelong passion for music. Choosing the right instrument for a beginner is crucial, and one of the most debated choices is whether to opt for an electric or acoustic guitar. In this guide, we’ll make a strong case for the electric guitar as the ideal choice for beginners, and we’ll provide you with a comprehensive electric guitar starter kit guide to ensure your gift is a hit.

Why Start with an Electric Guitar?

While both acoustic and electric guitars have their merits, electric guitars often make a better choice for beginners. Here’s why:

Easier on the Fingers

Electric guitars have lighter gauge strings, making them gentler on beginners’ fingers. This allows new players to build finger strength and dexterity without experiencing as much pain as they might with the thicker strings of an acoustic guitar.

Smoother Playability

Electric guitars typically have lower action, meaning the strings are closer to the fretboard. This reduces the effort required to press down on the strings, making it easier for beginners to form chords and play melodies.


Electric guitars are incredibly versatile. They can produce a wide range of sounds and are suitable for various music genres, from rock and blues to jazz and metal. This versatility can keep beginners engaged and motivated to practice.


Electric Guitar Starter Kit Essentials

Now that you’re convinced an electric guitar is the way to go, let’s explore what an ideal electric guitar starter kit should include:

The Electric Guitar

Choose a guitar with a comfortable neck profile and a design that appeals to the recipient. A good quality budget-friendly option is to consider popular brands like Squier by Fender or Epiphone, which offer affordable models that deliver great value.


An amplifier is essential for an electric guitar. Look for a small, practice amp with tone controls and built-in effects. It’s important to have something suitable for home practice. One of our favorites at DoorJamz is the Fender Frontman 10G 10W Guitar Combo Amp Black. At an affordable price, this is a great amp for someone just starting out & practicing.


You’ll need a cable to connect the guitar to the amplifier. Make sure it’s long enough for convenience but not so long that it becomes a hassle. We recommend the Pro Co EG-15 Excellines Straight to Straight Instrument Cable – 15 foot from Sweetwater. This cable is a great long lasting option at a price that is honest.

Guitar Picks

Beginners will need an assortment of picks. Different thicknesses and materials can be explored to find the one that feels the most comfortable. If you are looking for a place to start, we recommend the Donlop Tortex Standard Guitar Picks – .88mm Green. This pick offers a thickness that is great for transitioning between both strumming and single string picking. Donlop is one of the most reputable brands of guitar picks loved by many musicians!


Keeping the guitar in tune is vital. Clip-on or pedal tuners are easy to use and help beginners develop their ear for pitch. Pedal tuners tend to run on the expensive side, and for someone just starting out, we highly recommend the Snark ST-2 Super Tight Chromatic All-Instrument Tuner. This clip-on style tuner is easy to use, and will not break the bank!

Guitar Strap

A comfortable strap is essential for playing while standing. It’s a small detail but an important one. Guitar straps come in a range of styles & costs. Our personal favorite is the Levy’s M8POLY 2-inch Woven Polypropylene Guitar Strap. This strap is less than $10.00, and it’s a simple strap that doesn’t draw attention away from your awesome guitar!

Gig Bag or Case

To protect the guitar, a padded gig bag or case is a must, especially if the player intends to take their guitar on the go. Most brands have a specific cases for their guitars. It’s best to buy your case when your buying your guitar so you know it’s going to fit properly. If you’re buying online, it’s best to check if there is a recommended case that goes with your guitar!

Instructional Materials

Consider including beginner’s guitar books, online lesson subscriptions, or access to instructional videos to help the recipient get started. If you’re considering a few books, here is a link to RollingStone’s list of The Best Beginner Guitar Books. Otherwise, youtube is a GREAT and FREE resource for anyone looking to learn guitar for the first time.

Extra Strings

Strings can break, so having a spare set on hand is always a good idea. If your shopping in person, we always like to ask a store associate for their recommendation. A lot of times, shop workers are the BEST resource for any questions you have. If your shopping online, we recommend the D’Addario NYXL0942 NYXL Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings – .009-.042 Super Light (3-pack)Anything that is a “Light guage” will be best for those beginner fingers! D’Addario is a reliable & affordable brand for strings.

Guitar Stand or Hanger

A guitar stand not only keeps the instrument safe but also encourages regular practice by keeping it accessible. We personally prefer the DoorJamz Guitar hanger because it keeps instruments off the floor, and removes any potential of it getting knocked over.


Overall, we think that choosing to gift an electric guitar starter kit is an excellent decision, especially for beginners. With its easier playability, versatility, and potential for various sounds, the electric guitar provides a fantastic platform for musical exploration. When selecting the components for the starter kit, consider the recipient’s preferences and needs, and you’ll be on your way to gifting a musical journey that can last a lifetime. So, go ahead, give the gift of music and watch the recipient’s passion for playing the electric guitar ignite!

Best Gifts for Musicians | Top 10 Christmas Ideas


Finding the best gift for your friend or loved one can be a difficult task, since musicians come in all shapes and sizes with tastes and interests that can vary widely. They may be passionate about classical music, rock, jazz, electronic, or any other genre. Each one having different accessories to consider. At DoorJamz, we know that shopping for a musician can be both a unique and enjoyable experience, filled with both excitement and challenges. So how do you find the perfect gift that is both thoughtful & useful? 

Before you start shopping, we have put together a list of what we have found to be the 10 best Christmas gifts for Musicians. The following music accessories can greatly enhance any musician’s playing experience and overall enjoyment of their craft. Here are ten of the best music accessories for musicians:

1) DoorJamz Guitar Hanger

Great for any musician who owns a stringed instrument. This DoorJamz guitar hanger fits over the top of any door. Great for saving space & keeping your stringed instrument in sight & off the floor!

2) Instrument Tuner

A reliable electronic tuner is essential for keeping instruments like guitars, violins, and wind instruments in tune. Clip-on tuners like the Snark ST-8 Super Tight Chromatic Tuner, or TC Electronic PolyTune 3 Tuner Pedal with Buffer are popular choices.

3) Metronome

Metronomes help musicians practice timing and rhythm. Some digital metronomes also have additional features like customizable rhythms and tempos. One of the best rated & affordable metronomes is the Tama RW200 Rhythm Watch Drummer’s Metronome.

4) Instrument Cases

High-quality cases or gig bags not only protect instruments during transport but also provide storage for sheet music, accessories, and more. Depending on what you need a case for, places like Sweetwater offer a large selection of cases for a variety of needs!

5) Instrument Stands

Stands for guitars, keyboards, and other instruments keep them easily accessible and prevent damage during breaks in practice or performances. The only drawback to these is that they sit on the floor. If you are considering a stand for a bedroom, we highly recommend the DoorJamz guitar hanger to keep expensive instruments off the floor and out of the way of being knocked over. 

6) Music Stand

A sturdy music stand with adjustable height and angle is crucial for holding sheet music, allowing musicians to read comfortably during practice or performance. Purchased mainly for it’s functionality & price point, the On-Stage SM7122BB Compact Folding Music Stand with Bagis often purchased for it’s ability to be folded into a compact bag for convenient storage.

7) Quality Cables

Instrument and microphone cables can affect sound quality. Investing in durable, shielded cables can eliminate interference and ensure a clean signal. One of the top rated cables for musicians is Pro Co due to their durability and resilience for live gig performances. They aren’t the most expensive cables either. These cables come in a variety of sizes.

8) Straps and Strap Locks

Guitarists and bassists often appreciate comfortable, adjustable straps and strap locks to securely attach their instruments. If you know someone’s style, a strap is a GREAT idea for a gift because they come in a variety of fun patterns & colors. If your looking for a stocking stuffer, however that won’t break the budget, this Levy’s M8POLY 2-inch Woven Polypropylene Guitar Strap – Black is less than $10 dollars, and will for sure be used!

9) Instrument Care Kits

These kits typically include cleaning supplies, maintenance tools, and lubricants tailored to specific instruments, helping musicians keep their gear in top condition. One of the top rated kits for guitars at Sweetwater is the D’addario Instrument Care Kit. It’s recommended for polishing your fret boards.

10) Ear Protection

Musicians are exposed to loud sound levels, especially during live performances. High-fidelity earplugs or noise-canceling headphones can protect their hearing without sacrificing sound quality. The Etymotic Research ER-20XS High Fidelity Earplugs are recommended for their price point and their efficacy!

These accessories can be practical, protective, and even inspirational for musicians. Whether they’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, having the right accessories can make a significant difference in their musical journey. Consider their instrument and specific needs when scrolling through what door jamz considers some of the the best gifts for musicians.

Guitar Hanger | Top 5 Ways to Display a Guitar


If you’re looking for the best way to hang guitars, we’ve compiled a few of the best space-saving and display methods for guitar hanger options. To ensure your guitars safety and longevity, here are six ways to hang a guitar:

1) Over the Door Guitar Hanger:

An over-the-door guitar hanger is a simple and convenient device designed to securely hang and display a guitar or other stringed instrument on the back of a standard door, without the need for drilling holes or using wall-mounted hooks. This type of hanger is commonly used by musicians who want to keep their guitars easily accessible and visible, while also saving space in their living or practice areas. Click here to view guitar holders by DoorJamz.

2) Wall Guitar Hanger:

Wall hangers are popular and space-efficient options for hanging guitars. One of the most popular guitar wall mounts are by String Swing. These mounts attach to the wall and cradle the guitar’s neck, keeping it securely in place. Make sure to use a sturdy wall anchor or find a wall stud for proper support.

3) Guitar Stands:

Guitar stands come in various designs, including A-frame, tripod, and multi-guitar stands. These are freestanding options that hold the guitar by the neck and body, providing stability and easy access for playing.

Guitar Rack: Guitar racks are larger storage solutions that can hold multiple guitars. They are ideal for musicians with several instruments. Racks can be placed on the floor or mounted on a wall. One of our favorite guitar stands are made by Hercules Stands.


4) Display Case:

For a more decorative option, you can use a display case or shadow box by Fender. These cases can be mounted on the wall and provide protection from dust and humidity while showcasing your guitar as a piece of art.


5) Pegboard Hooks:

If you’re looking for a DIY solution, you can mount a pegboard on the wall and use hooks to hang the guitar by its headstock. This method allows you to adjust the height and angle of the guitar to your preference. Here’s an example by Diamond Life.

Remember to consider the following tips when hanging your guitar:

  • Secure Mounting: Ensure that whatever method you choose provides secure mounting to prevent the guitar from falling and getting damaged.
  • Room Environment: Avoid hanging your guitar in direct sunlight, areas with extreme temperature changes, or near heating/cooling vents to protect it from potential damage.
  • Proper Support: When hanging the guitar, make sure the weight is evenly distributed between the neck and body to avoid putting excessive strain on any particular part.
  • Guitar Angle: Consider the angle at which you hang the guitar. It’s generally best to hang it at a slight angle to prevent it from accidentally slipping off the hanger.
  • Regular Inspection: Periodically check the mounting hardware and the guitar itself to ensure everything is secure and in good condition.

Whichever method that best suits your space, preferences, and the number of guitars you want to hang.

So You Want To Buy A Guitar

So you want to buy your first guitar?

Buying your first guitar can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be, it’s good to take your time and learn as much as you can about the many guitar brands, different models, and the way they feel and sound, in particular. For example, buying a guitar is like buying a car: there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly! So, if you do a little research up front, and specifically online, before you go out into the big guitar world, you’ll know what to look for, and an idea of how much you want to pay, before falling in love with some $600 beauty that wasn’t what you wanted.

As you probably know, it’s easy to go out in the world and fall in love with the outward appearance, and this is one of the many pitfalls of buying the wrong guitar for you. Especially because guitars ARE so beautiful in general, it can be like a mirage when you’re standing in a guitar store, staring at the most beautiful guitar you’ve ever seen, with a $300 price tag–especially after you compare it to all the $2,000 guitars hanging on the wall next to it.

You must resist! Restrain yourself! Leave your wallet in the car(No, actually, that’s a bad idea, have you seen some of the people hanging outside guitar stores, they are literally waiting for you to leave your wallet in the car.(Hey, they want to buy a guitar too..!)

Let’s keep it simple here, do not plan on buying a guitar the first day you go into a guitar store. This is the research phase, you are only there to “get to know” a few guitars, not buy one. No matter how badly you want to purchase, no matter how much money you’ve in the bank, most stores are way overpriced, and you will need a little ammo before you try to negotiate anywhere with anyone. You need to pick up, hold, and strum as many guitars as you possibly can before the store owner calls the police(or the men in white coats). The idea is to get a feel for comfort. Think of it this way, you will be more likely to pick up and play your guitar more often if it is comfortable to hold. Keep in mind there are also going to be tons of shiny and colorful guitar accessories strategically planted all over the guitar store, which can be very exciting, so put on you guitar accessory blinders and remember to stay focussed.

First of all, you should already know what kind of guitar you want to buy: an electric or an acoustic. If you are unsure, just think about the music you’re most interested in playing, what you like to listen to most, what you appreciate in terms of sound… this should be an easy decision. If you are buying this for a child, go with an acoustic with nylon strings in a size that fits them, that’s a no-brainier. But if you know you want to learn some songs from Metallica’s Ride The lightening album, like Fade To Black(best song ever), for example, then you know you want electric.

But if you are in to Bob Dylan or John Denver(ok, you’ve probably never heard of him, but he’s classic! Pun intended. Smokey Mountain Range anyone? Oh, wait, that’s Ronnie Milsap! Maybe I’m thinking of Rocky Mountain High..?), you will likely want to go with acoustic.

Keep in mind there are far more guitar accessories you will need to purchase over time with an electric, such as amps, effects, guitar strings, and electric guitar cords(which often need to be replaced for some strange reason I can’t seem to figure out…), while acoustics are somewhat low maintenance and portable, without requiring said guitar accessories.

The point is, you know what you like, so just do some research before purchasing. You must read forums, compare pricing, and even consider starting out with a used guitar. Once you have an idea which kind of guitar you want, it’s easy to find people willing to trade or sell some pretty decent guitars at a fair price, as their search for the next best guitar continues. It’s completely addictive! Just don’t plan to spend more than $300 on your first guitar, buy something you can kick around and won’t be afraid to take out of the case. Better yet, display it on a door so it will always be accessible without taking up valuable floor space or getting knocked over, like with a DoorJamz Guitar Hangers, $30. But don’t get me started on all the guitar accessories you will eventually be looking to purchase, you are about to embark on an expensive journey so before you walk into that guitar store…research, research, research!

There are many choices when it comes to beginner guitars, I just recommend you steer clear of any guitars made in China. However, just about any guitars made in Japan are pretty decent.

If you DO have some money to spend, and you want the best, I have one word for you…Rickenbacker(Sorry Fender but I think you know what I’m talking about.)

But seriously, regardless of your budget or the kind of guitar you decide to play(and eventually buy), just find something that feels comfortable and sounds good to you, because the absolute most important factor in all of this, by far, IS THAT YOU PLAY IT!