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About us

Welcome to DoorJamz Guitar Hangers!

DoorJamz is the original, perfectly unconventional guitar hanger!

The DoorJamz guitar door hanger started out as a simple solution to an annoying problem and now we are making these hangers for people from all over the world. Living in a small house in the heart of Napa Valley, California, our modest dwelling presented the challenge of creating more space, which led to a search for a space-saving guitar mount.

We wanted our guitars off the floor but kept out on display for easy access, and the only products we could find either sat on the floor, taking up valuable space, or had to be permanently attached to the wall(potentially damaging it).

The Perfect Guitar Hanger

Although hanging instruments on doors seemed unconventional* at the time, we thought function might trump tradition in this case, and decided to make them anyway.


We added a stabilizing support piece that runs along the back of the neck of the guitar, to prevent it from hitting the door when opening and closing it. We liked the way it worked so much we decided to make more.

imageDoorJamz Guitar Hangers are made in a small metal fabricating shop located just outside of San Francisco, using heavy gauge steel, and painted with a high-tech powder coating finish.  We assemble the hangers with hand-cut materials, all MADE IN THE USA, and box each one right here in the heart of Napa Valley. 

If you have questions about this product or your order, please feel free to contact us at any time through the website or at the number below, and we will be happy to remedy it.


Stephanie Anderson

*not bound by or conforming to what is generally done or believed; different from what is usual or from the way most people do things

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