Guitar Hanger | Top 5 Ways to Display a Guitar


If you’re looking for the best way to hang guitars, we’ve compiled a few of the best space-saving and display methods for guitar hanger options. To ensure your guitars safety and longevity, here are six ways to hang a guitar:

1) Over the Door Guitar Hanger:

An over-the-door guitar hanger is a simple and convenient device designed to securely hang and display a guitar or other stringed instrument on the back of a standard door, without the need for drilling holes or using wall-mounted hooks. This type of hanger is commonly used by musicians who want to keep their guitars easily accessible and visible, while also saving space in their living or practice areas. Click here to view guitar holders by DoorJamz.

2) Wall Guitar Hanger:

Wall hangers are popular and space-efficient options for hanging guitars. One of the most popular guitar wall mounts are by String Swing. These mounts attach to the wall and cradle the guitar’s neck, keeping it securely in place. Make sure to use a sturdy wall anchor or find a wall stud for proper support.

3) Guitar Stands:

Guitar stands come in various designs, including A-frame, tripod, and multi-guitar stands. These are freestanding options that hold the guitar by the neck and body, providing stability and easy access for playing.

Guitar Rack: Guitar racks are larger storage solutions that can hold multiple guitars. They are ideal for musicians with several instruments. Racks can be placed on the floor or mounted on a wall. One of our favorite guitar stands are made by Hercules Stands.


4) Display Case:

For a more decorative option, you can use a display case or shadow box by Fender. These cases can be mounted on the wall and provide protection from dust and humidity while showcasing your guitar as a piece of art.


5) Pegboard Hooks:

If you’re looking for a DIY solution, you can mount a pegboard on the wall and use hooks to hang the guitar by its headstock. This method allows you to adjust the height and angle of the guitar to your preference. Here’s an example by Diamond Life.

Remember to consider the following tips when hanging your guitar:

  • Secure Mounting: Ensure that whatever method you choose provides secure mounting to prevent the guitar from falling and getting damaged.
  • Room Environment: Avoid hanging your guitar in direct sunlight, areas with extreme temperature changes, or near heating/cooling vents to protect it from potential damage.
  • Proper Support: When hanging the guitar, make sure the weight is evenly distributed between the neck and body to avoid putting excessive strain on any particular part.
  • Guitar Angle: Consider the angle at which you hang the guitar. It’s generally best to hang it at a slight angle to prevent it from accidentally slipping off the hanger.
  • Regular Inspection: Periodically check the mounting hardware and the guitar itself to ensure everything is secure and in good condition.

Whichever method that best suits your space, preferences, and the number of guitars you want to hang.