Best Gifts for Musicians | Top 10 Christmas Ideas


Finding the best gift for your friend or loved one can be a difficult task, since musicians come in all shapes and sizes with tastes and interests that can vary widely. They may be passionate about classical music, rock, jazz, electronic, or any other genre. Each one having different accessories to consider. At DoorJamz, we know that shopping for a musician can be both a unique and enjoyable experience, filled with both excitement and challenges. So how do you find the perfect gift that is both thoughtful & useful? 

Before you start shopping, we have put together a list of what we have found to be the 10 best Christmas gifts for Musicians. The following music accessories can greatly enhance any musician’s playing experience and overall enjoyment of their craft. Here are ten of the best music accessories for musicians:

1) DoorJamz Guitar Hanger

Great for any musician who owns a stringed instrument. This DoorJamz guitar hanger fits over the top of any door. Great for saving space & keeping your stringed instrument in sight & off the floor!

2) Instrument Tuner

A reliable electronic tuner is essential for keeping instruments like guitars, violins, and wind instruments in tune. Clip-on tuners like the Snark ST-8 Super Tight Chromatic Tuner, or TC Electronic PolyTune 3 Tuner Pedal with Buffer are popular choices.

3) Metronome

Metronomes help musicians practice timing and rhythm. Some digital metronomes also have additional features like customizable rhythms and tempos. One of the best rated & affordable metronomes is the Tama RW200 Rhythm Watch Drummer’s Metronome.

4) Instrument Cases

High-quality cases or gig bags not only protect instruments during transport but also provide storage for sheet music, accessories, and more. Depending on what you need a case for, places like Sweetwater offer a large selection of cases for a variety of needs!

5) Instrument Stands

Stands for guitars, keyboards, and other instruments keep them easily accessible and prevent damage during breaks in practice or performances. The only drawback to these is that they sit on the floor. If you are considering a stand for a bedroom, we highly recommend the DoorJamz guitar hanger to keep expensive instruments off the floor and out of the way of being knocked over. 

6) Music Stand

A sturdy music stand with adjustable height and angle is crucial for holding sheet music, allowing musicians to read comfortably during practice or performance. Purchased mainly for it’s functionality & price point, the On-Stage SM7122BB Compact Folding Music Stand with Bagis often purchased for it’s ability to be folded into a compact bag for convenient storage.

7) Quality Cables

Instrument and microphone cables can affect sound quality. Investing in durable, shielded cables can eliminate interference and ensure a clean signal. One of the top rated cables for musicians is Pro Co due to their durability and resilience for live gig performances. They aren’t the most expensive cables either. These cables come in a variety of sizes.

8) Straps and Strap Locks

Guitarists and bassists often appreciate comfortable, adjustable straps and strap locks to securely attach their instruments. If you know someone’s style, a strap is a GREAT idea for a gift because they come in a variety of fun patterns & colors. If your looking for a stocking stuffer, however that won’t break the budget, this Levy’s M8POLY 2-inch Woven Polypropylene Guitar Strap – Black is less than $10 dollars, and will for sure be used!

9) Instrument Care Kits

These kits typically include cleaning supplies, maintenance tools, and lubricants tailored to specific instruments, helping musicians keep their gear in top condition. One of the top rated kits for guitars at Sweetwater is the D’addario Instrument Care Kit. It’s recommended for polishing your fret boards.

10) Ear Protection

Musicians are exposed to loud sound levels, especially during live performances. High-fidelity earplugs or noise-canceling headphones can protect their hearing without sacrificing sound quality. The Etymotic Research ER-20XS High Fidelity Earplugs are recommended for their price point and their efficacy!

These accessories can be practical, protective, and even inspirational for musicians. Whether they’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, having the right accessories can make a significant difference in their musical journey. Consider their instrument and specific needs when scrolling through what door jamz considers some of the the best gifts for musicians.