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“And it works!” By Philip Stearns “The delivery time was rapid. The product is innovative. The post-purchase follow-up was attentive.
I will look forward to new products from this guitar accessory manufacturer.
Phil Stearns”

These are great–I have 4 of them!”  By Jed Tennessee “These are great — I have 4 of them. Guitars are now off the floor and away from my chihuahuas, but not hidden away from me in their cases. Sturdy construction.”

Elementary Ideas Best Guitar Hanger” By Derrick “I’ve been looking for a guitar hanger just like this! It’s a space saver especially it you have multiple guitars. You won’t have to drill holes in your wall. Convenient to get to when you want to play. It does not move around, sturdy. Ordering another after I finish this review.”

Five Stars” By Duane Birky “Works well. Holds guitar steady when door is opened.”
“I’ll be getting more” Greg Moore  “Perfect. A very easy way to hang guitars over doors, instead of drilling holes in the walls.  Very easy to set up and hang.  I tried this with a few electrics, acoustics, and bass guitars. all fit well. Just be sure to measure your door before ordering.  The stabilization piece supports the neck and reduces the guitar from swaying when opening and closing the door. There’s very little movement.  Overall I’m very happy with this product and would recommend it. I’ll be ordering more. Check out my video review!”

“Awesome way to store/display your guitars and still have them accessible to play!!!”  By John Solomon “This is the second guitar hanger I’ve purchased from DoorJamz through Amazon. It allows me to easily store my guitars off the floor and looks great. There’s no drilling required and the hanger only takes 30 seconds to assemble. Right now due to my current living situation I’m unable to use traditional guitar wall mounted hangers because it requires drilling and is permanent. DoorJamz guitar door hanger allows me to display/store my guitar like I would with a permanent wall mount but with none of the mess. It looks great and can be used on any door. If you don’t want to deal with the mess/installation of traditional wall mount guitar hangers or are currently renting (apartment, duplex, or house) then you should really consider purchasing one of these hangers. They look just as good as a wall mount and are just as sturdy if not more so. I’m using my hangers for my PRS S2 Custom 24 electric guitar and my Martin acoustic guitar. Both guitars look great on the hanger and sit straight. There is a metal piece that’s below the hanger that supports the neck of the guitar so it doesn’t swing back and hit the door. This hanger was very well thought out. That being said my Martin acoustic has a thicker neck and body so I had to remove the neck support for it to hang parallel with the door (it was bowing outward with the neck support piece on which was driving me nuts since I’m very OCD). It would be really awesome if they could find a way to make the neck brace adjustable. I didn’t subtract any stars for that alone since I’m very very picky when it comes to anything. Anyways this guitar hanger is pure genius and is a great way to store and display your guitars and still have them easily accessible. I play my guitars more now than I ever have since they’re not shut away in their case or put away in a closet. Love these guitar hangers!!!”

“Five Stars” By Ethan R. “Absolutely amazing for my Jackson Dinky. Would recommend to anyone who is viewing it.”

“Safe and Quality Hanger For Your Guitar” By Amazon Customer “First of all this is a five star item made with top quality workmanship and materials.  Very handy option to traditional wall mounted hangers.  Everyone has an extra closet door that this will work on in a safe and secure manner. Portable to use on other doors and take with you if you move your guitars.
**Neck brace keeps guitar stable and positioned for minimal stress on headstock and neck…”

“This is a great way to keep my favorite guitar close and handy…” By Brandon Preston on “This is a great way to keep my favorite guitar close and handy to use. It goes over the door and leaves no marks and doesn’t prevent the door from closing. The guitar easily hangs and is quickly accessible when I want to play or write music. My friend bought this for me, and I’m grateful for this gift. I feel the price is fair if I were to have purchased it myself. I’d definitely recommend this.”

“Great space-saver and a really well-made product” By Amazon Customer “I’ve been looking for something like this forever!  My music studio space is really small and can get crowded with gear so this hanger is perfect for clearing out some floor space and displaying my guitars. I like quality things and this is well-made(real hardwood and steel) and is a good-looking design so I’m happy with it…”

“A great solution to a common problem”
By Kristin “This is an excellent product and an innovative solution to a common problem. I have 20 month old twins and have had to move most of my instruments to higher ground. This hanger let’s me keep one out of reach in a room where I don’t want to put a hole in the wall but where I can keep a guitar handy to play with the kids. It is sturdy, well built, and does exactly what it should. On every level, much attention to detail went into the design. It was clearly conceived by a musician for musicians, but not without considering the need to keep the home looking presentable too…”

“Works perfectly and looks great”
By Jay Barnett “I am using it to hang a guitar over the door of my media cabinet in the living room. Very classy.”

“Best Guitar Hanger Ever”
By David M. Reed “I am super pleased with this. I have little floor space and have tried a variety of ways to keep my guitar handy yet out of the way. This does the job. What really blew me away — probably because the pictures don’t really show this feature — is that the hanger also has an extended neck that keeps the guitar away from the door! The prongs that stick out are covered in a soft, rubbery material that is also on the extension that supports the neck and keeps the guitar away from the wall. No banging.”

“Keeping Guitars Safe”
By Dylan “The guitar door hanger is a great idea for keeping guitars off the floor and safe. My husband has a lot of guitars, so this is one way to get them up and out of the way! We noticed that ours had a little manufacturer defect that didn’t allow the guitar to hang straight down, it hung away from the door at an angle. It seemed to be able to create tension on the neck of the guitar over time. When we spoke to the manufacturer, they had already solved that problem, and had an easy work around with the one we had. That way we didn’t have to bother returning the hanger for another one. Now we just need a few more!”

“Play more now and have more space in my room!”
By Zachary Khaliqueon   “I love it! I’ve actually played more in the past week than I did in the last 6 months! Having it out makes a difference. My only complaint is I usually don’t read instructions so I put the hook piece through the stabilization piece and screwed it to the hanger piece before removing the barrel piece and thought it was defective, until my roommate figured out I had it assembled wrong. My advice is to look at the instructions before assembling, there are pictures.”

“So happy”
By Christy Dukewich  “Just received my DoorJamz-that was fast!I am happy with the product,easy to put together,looks slick too.The stabilizer keeps it from swinging around when I use door.Hope my son will use his guitar more now that he has this product-well done.”

“Guitar off the floor and this hanger makes it easy to hang”
By Celeste Minella “Wanted my guitar off the floor and this hanger makes it easy to hang, grab. its also a great way to display. No need to put holes in the wall simply hook and hang. Works great and worth the price.”

“This is such a cool way to hold a ukulele”
By Tracy on “…cool, efficient way to hold our bass guitars, and ukulele. It’s awesome to clear the floor space, and still have our instruments at the ready! Good, solid construction too.”


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