Frequently asked questions...

Good question! Maybe you want to free up some floor space.  Maybe you just want it off the ground. Maybe you want it up at eye-level for easy reach. Maybe you want to give your guitar its own place where it can be displayed and admired in all it’s glory, but you don’t want to go to the trouble of putting holes in the wall.  Maybe you’re tired bending over to pick it up.  Maybe you don’t like the way your guitar looks on a traditional stand with the black prongs sticking out around it.  Maybe you change your mind often and just like the flexibility of changing display locations. Maybe you just want to try something different. Maybe your mom is sick of vacuuming around it, I don’t know…but most-likely just to free up some floor space without putting holes in the wall.

No. DoorJamz Guitar Hangers are designed to keep the guitar in place with minimal movement.  DoorJamz were created with the safety of the customer’s guitar in mind, with a cushioned, patent-pending stabilization piece to support the neck and reduce sway when opening and closing the display door.

We recommend choosing a low-traffic door, such as a closet door or a door that usually remains open or closed in your practice space.  Think about where you like to play the most.  The mobile design allows you to move your guitar location easily if you change your mind about where you want to hang it.  NOTE: To avoid injury, ALWAYS use both hands when moving or removing DoorJamz Guitar Hangers, holding by the large main bar.

The DoorJamz Guitar Hanger yoke is designed to pivot with any type of headstock, to keep your instrument hanging securely vertically.

Yes, DoorJamz will hold anything from an acoustic guitar to an electric guitar to a 6-string bass, up to 12 lbs.

No, the genius of DoorJamz is that the guitar will not touch the door, but will appear to float freely to be enjoyed and admired.  The entire length of the guitar will hang approximately 4″ away from the door.

No. DoorJamz are designed for mobility. DoorJamz can easily be moved from door to door, room to room, depending on where you feel like practicing. Hang it on the outside of your bedroom door if you like, or move it to the inside door of your closet when you want it out of the way. NOTE: To avoid injury, ALWAYS use both hands when moving or removing DoorJamz Guitar Hangers, holding by the large main bar.

DoorJamz are designed to cradle the headstock of the guitar securely, with a soft protective coating to prevent slipping or movement. There is also a stabilization piece that prevents the guitar from swinging when opening and closing the door. There are several pictures on the product page that show this feature.

Yes. DoorJamz are currently available in black. DoorJamz is in the process of determining future colors, based on customer requests, and will soon include red, and white.

Doors are the perfect frame size for any guitar, and DoorJamz were created for the end result in mind, to look as though the guitar is “floating” on the door.  The stabilization piece was designed to be hidden so as not to take away from the aesthetic pleasure of the guitar, which is a piece of art in itself.

DoorJamz Guitar Hangers are Made in the USA, manufactured just outside of San Francisco, California.  Our high-quality products are manufactured by cool people, in an ethical environment, with fair wages, in good hands.

DoorJamz are boxed and shipped from the heart of Napa Vally, California.

First it will free your floor space…then it will free your mind.  It’s a feng shui thing. Free your mind…buy one.

DoorJamz LifeJamz Guarantee provides full customer satisfaction. If your DoorJamz Guitar Hanger becomes damaged or unusable as a result of normal wear and tear, DoorJamz will replace your DoorJamz product free of charge.

All DoorJamz Guitar Hanger purchases are made though the Amazon.com shopping platform, which provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.  If you are unsatisfied with your DoorJamz Guitar Hanger, you can return it in its original packaging to the address provided by Amazon Return processing center by following the instructions provided through the Amazon.com website. Of course, we want you to love the product, so if after 30 days, there is a mechanical problem or concern with the product, please contact us at the number below so we can be informed of the issue and remedy the situation.

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