What is a Guitar Wall Hanger?

guitar-over-the-doorA guitar wall hanger  is an excellent alternative to a basic guitar stand, but they often require attaching a heavy duty hanger to a wall. This can result in damage to your wall, and won’t let you easily change the placement of the wall hanger.   There are many reasons to get your guitar off the ground  and one of the biggest benefits is saving space. When you have your guitar on the floor it is doing several things, and one of those things is taking up valuable real estate that could easily be relieved with a simple guitar wall hanger or door hanger.

Another problem with the traditional stand is that you have to bend over to pick it up and raise it to your level, which could potentially cause problems if you pick it up the wrong way or have any kind of back issues. When you hang your guitar with a guitar wall hanger or over the door hanger, you have easy access to your guitar and the height is perfect to just reach out and grab.

One of the biggest reasons to use a guitar wall hanger or over the door hanger is style! When you have your guitar on the floor or leaning up against a wall on the ground, it really looks sloppy. Most guitars are made with beautifully crafted with vibrant color, so why wouldn’t you want to show it off? Hanging your guitar provides an excellent design accent!

Using a traditional guitar wall hanger locks you in to keeping the guitar in that one place. However, we make our hangers in such a way that they can be easily removed from room to room. Our hangers do not tamper with the wall and keep the paint intact. DoorJamz Guitar Hangers mount easily and effortlessly on any door without the need to use screws or mounting materials that permanently affix the hanger. You can move a over the door guitar hanger easily and effortlessly from any door in any room in the house.

The most flexible guitar hanger in the industry!