DIY Guitar Stand and Save Your Money

Being a guitarist means that you have probably got plenty of guitars. Whether it is a bass guitar or an electric guitar, you would always need something that can keep your guitar in place when you are away. For this, you can always count on a traditional guitar stand. It is not necessary that you buy one, you can also make one yourself. A DIY guitar stand is always worth the effort. If you have more than five or six guitars then it becomes a blessing for you to know about how to make a DIY guitar stand. This will provide a place for your guitar and also inspire your creative side to make something unique that you don’t have to pay for.

Having a cheap DIY guitar stand with you doesn’t kill anyone. You have to learn how to make it. Here is a step by step guide that can help you make your own DIY guitar stand:

Step #1: Make the List

Before getting to the DIY guitar stand working, here is a list of the things you would need:

  • Two 10 ft. (3/inch) pvc pipes
  • 5 caps
  • 11 (3/4 inch) connectors
  • 6 elbows
  • 2 parts of self-adhesive pipe foam

Step #2: Build the base

Cut the 10 ft. pipes into half. Use 4 elbows on the ends of the pvc pipes. Dry the rubber insulation foam and use it for resting the lower bouts of the guitars.

Step #3: Finishing Touch

Place all the insulation pipes on each of the small bar created to hold the guitar in place so that no damage occurs when you complete the DIY guitar stand.

Within three simple steps the DIY guitar stand is now complete.