Getting the best stand for your guitar

Wooden Guitar Stands

On the lower end of the expensive scale, wooden guitar stand is a great gift that can be added to the collection of a guitar aficionado that which enhance their hobby.   Although most guitar players buy guitar stands when they purchase their guitars, there are always ways they can upgrade or replace those stands with something more original, creative, or of higher quality.

For example, most guitar players probably have a handful of guitar stands, and almost all of them own some of those generic three-legged guitar stands that they probably bought many years ago for around $10. Wooden Guitar stands are functional, but they can also be beautiful and have a powerful design impact in the practice space or room where the guitars are kept. A really great gift idea for any guitar enthusiast is a natural Wooden guitar stand, which can add an artistic statement to what is also a functional necessity for displaying instruments–and there are many hobbyist that create original designs that will be a unique life-long gift to treasure.

Usually a wooden guitar stand has an ‘open stand design’, which means there are no sharp hooks or points that may do more damage than good. You get what you pay for with any wooden guitar stand because they are of higher quality with the purpose of cradling the instrument in such a way that there is very little stress. Wood provides a natural contour, and depending on the way the artist has shaped the wooden guitar stand, it will be durable and most-likely last a lifetime. I have even seen some wooden guitar stand that was made out of a piece of driftwood, which of course was gorgeous, but very expensive, but you can find a simple wooden guitar stand for under $50. at most music stores or Guitar Center locations.